One story out of millions of American lives.

I am 36 and living with Neurodiversity (or spectrum “disorder,” etc.) and HIV.  I have many stories to share.

This page will share personal stories of rejection, acceptance, and growth.  The latest research on brain health, psychology, and more, translated for parents, educators, and loved ones of those gifted/afflicted with OCD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, HFA, etc., etc.  This blog is not affiliated with any professional autism or neurodiversity cause or organization, my attempt is to share the deepest thoughts of neurodiverse people from the inside, not presented through advocacy groups.  I am not a professional educator or counselor, but simply a reader of science, a cross-referencer, and someone people go to occasionally for advice.

I am about to bare my soul here and try to explain my brain and emotions in a way that includes the educational.  I will have to address issues of politics, sociology, sexuality, and more to get to the core of what makes all of our minds diverse.  A different, special group called the neurodiverse, people whose brains and brain chemistry may not look exactly like yours, are out there.  On the inside, it feels like one has been born on the wrong homeworld, that something here just isn’t right, or that one is a Vulcan or other alien stuck on a starship full of humans.

I will attempt to share what happens on the inside of my head, and the stories of many astounding people in my life that brought an ultra-shy, awkward, Star-Trek-obsessed, sexually confused, intelligent, animalistic Pinocchio to hundreds of high-functioning adventures and drawn-out years of isolation.  At no point will I suggest that I speak for any or all autistic or neurodiverse people; all stories are our own to share.

We will also look at acceptance in our society.  If you are a special education teacher, a principal, or a parent raising teens, there may be things you can learn here.

Survey data will be included to support articles as more readers join the story.  I hope to share specific information I’ve gleaned from listening to and reading the thoughts of hundreds of autistic, schizophrenic, and other neuro-diverse people.  I hope people will let me share their stories, and contribute research that helps the world understand what is happening in the minds of about 1 in 88 people (depending on who you ask).

There will also be a Q & A section.  I hope that readers will post all kinds of questions to see how the world is filtered through different types of minds.  If I’ve given you good advice, please consider donating to my page so I can get this project going!

I write in a combination of stream of consciousness thoughts and statistical research.  I have studied language, psychology, religion, politics, biology, health, and more in an attempt to become better spoken about what is going on in my tiny brain and to teach others about acceptance, but I do want to be raw about what’s going on in the constant flood of consciousness.

**Note: to protect anonymity and because it is one of my autistic traits/obsessions, I reference specific people in my life by animal nicknames.  While I have difficulty recognizing many facial expressions, moods, and body language, I find it helpful when remembering names, faces, and personalities to associate people with animal spirit metaphors.


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